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Where can I find the terms and conditions of a season subscription?
Season Subscriptions, and all Tickets and Additional Tickets purchased under any Subscription, are subject to the Broadway Across America Standard Season Subscription Terms and Conditions posted on our website at BroadwayAcrossAmerica.com. By purchasing a Season Subscription, you agree to such Terms and Conditions. We do not support the reselling of these tickets above face value through any means other than through authorized reselling programs of Broadway Across America. Doing so will constitute a breach of these Season Subscription Terms and Conditions and Account Holders who violate this rule may be subject to revocation of their purchasing status and seats.
I cannot attend one of my performances due to a conflict. How do I exchange my tickets?

If you are unable to attend your scheduled performance, as a Season Ticket Holder, you are able to exchange your tickets for another performance of the same production. Please remember that while we make every effort to place you into comparable seating for exchanges, this cannot be guaranteed.

There are three ways to make an exchange:

1) By mail: Please enclose your tickets with a note indicating which performance you wish to attend and a credit card number or check payable to Broadway Across America - Orlando if exchanging into a higher priced performance. Mail to: Broadway Across America - Orlando, 100 S Eola Drive Suite 101, Orlando, 32801.

2) In person: Visit the Broadway Across America - Orlando office Monday - Friday from 10am - 5pm at 100 S Eola Drive Suite 101, Orlando, 32801 at least 48 hours in advance of your performance with your tickets in hand.

3) By phone: You may exchange your tickets by phone by calling our season ticket holder hotline at 800.448.6322. Please have your tickets in front of you when you call.

There is no fee for your first exchange in any given production, however, when exchanging from a lower to a higher priced performance, the price difference must be collected when processing the exchange (please call Broadway Across America - Orlando at 800.448.6322 to confirm any price difference). Multiple exchanges for the same production may incur additional fees. Refunds will not be given when exchanging from a higher price to a lower price.

I’ve lost my ticket to one of my scheduled performances. What can I do?

Although you may now know the show you have a conflict with we are unable to exchange shows during the season renewal campaign. Tickets can be exchanges only after your season ticket packets have been received. For further information please refer to your Season Handbook.

I am unable to attend any performance of a particular show. What can I do?

We understand that there may be times when you are unable to attend a run of your show, if that is the case please contact our office at 800.448.6322 so we can discuss alternate dates in other venues if available. Otherwise, tickets may be donated to Florida Theatrical Association's Discover Broadway program. A receipt of the tax donation will be forwarded upon receipt of donation.

I've moved recently, how do I change my address?

Address changes can only be made in writing by the account holder. If you are relocating, please fill out the Change of Address form located in your handbook and mail it to Broadway Across America - Orlando. We are not responsible for items not forwarded by the post office.

Due to an emergency, I missed my scheduled performance. What are my options?

We do understand that occasionally a serious illness, inclement weather, or some other problem may have kept you from attending your scheduled performance. However, tickets are sold for specific dates, performance times, and seat locations. If an extenuating circumstance arises and you are unable to make the necessary exchange arrangements prior to the show, please contact Broadway Across America - Orlando and ask to speak to a representative within 24 hours of your missed performance. As a courtesy, we will attempt to relocate you into another performance pending approval of the company, for select performances, based on availability. Comparable seating to the original tickets is not guaranteed. Please keep in mind that you can only be relocated into another performance as long as the show is in town. No refunds will be offered for missed performances.

I would like to change my seating. What do I need to do?

Changes to your account can be requested by mail, fax, or on line renewal. If you are mailing or faxing in your renewal, please fill out the reverse side of your invoice so we can know the changes you are requesting. The more flexible you are the better the chance we can fulfill your request. If renewing online please click "continue with online renewal" and there will be a series of questions that pertain to changing your seat/performance. Please check the necessary items according to your needs.

In order to be considered for an upgrade, you must renew your season account by the renewal deadline. Upgrades only become available when other season ticket holders choose not to renew or change the day they attend. We process all upgrade / change requests on a date received basis. Once an upgrade request is fulfilled it is impossible to get back your old locations, as they are used to upgrade someone.

I can no longer attend the series, and would like to give my account to a friend. Is that possible?

The most important benefit of being a season ticket holder is your same seat privilege. In fairness to other renewing season ticket holders we do not accept account transfers. We are glad to set up a new account for your friend(s) in the best available seating for that performance. Please keep in mind that cancelled accounts are used to upgrade another season ticket holder.

I am unable to attend this year, but would like to retain my seats for the following year. What can I do?

Unfortunately we are unable to hold your seats without payment in full. If accounts are not paid in full by the deadline, seats are released without notice. Any returning season ticket holders would be considered as new accounts and seated with the best available locations at that time.

I have two residences and will not be in town for the beginning or end of the season, what are my options?

Broadway Across America is now available in over 45 cities. We want you to enjoy a full season of Broadway. Please call the Broadway Across America - Orlando Hotline number and ask about our Broadway Across America program to see if you secondary home city qualifies.

I have already seen one of the shows in my season because I purchased tickets to see that production at another venue that was part of Broadway Across America - Orlando. What are my options if I don't want to see it again?

We apologize if there is a show in your season that you have already seen, however, we are unable to offer you a refund on those tickets. We may be able to help through our Exchange or Discover Broadway programs. Please call 800.448.6322 for further information.

I have been sharing my season account with friends; we would like to separate the seats into individual accounts so we can receive our own mailings. How can I do that?

Splitting season accounts can be done if the current account holder makes this request in writing to our office before the renewal deadline. Complete address information on the parties' involved need to be included with their payment in full. Once new accounts have been created only the new account holder can access his/her account. Since this involves multiple payments this renewal cannot be done on line. It will need to be mailed to Broadway Across America - Orlando.

Can the benefit of ordering priority tickets for added shows or extra tickets to season shows be extended to family and friends?

For security purposes, only the person whose name is on the account may access information or order additional tickets using that account number. We are happy to provide additional tickets to any Broadway Across America - Orlando show for your family and friends, but the request must come from the account holder. All tickets ordered will be mailed to the address on the account. No exceptions.

When will I receive my Season Tickets?

Season tickets will be mailed to the address listed on your account four to six weeks prior to your first scheduled performance, unless you request for us to hold them at Will Call.

How can I reserve a group of 15 or more?

Groups of twenty or more can purchase tickets at a discount for most performances. A Broadway Across America - Orlando group sales representative is pleased to speak with you and assist your group with priority seating, special group rates, advice on meal planning and much more. Please call 407-704-6116 for more information or email Groups@FloridaTheatrical.org to place your reservation.

What is the difference between a Patron Member and a Season Ticket Holder?

A Patron Membership is available to all season ticket holders with a donation of $135 per season ticket. Price Level A seating automatically includes a patron membership. Patron benefits include:

• Preferred seating

Complimentary parking in: Orlando Venues II Garage, Lot #5 (must have government issued accessible parking tag), express valet parking at the Sheraton Hotel, Lot #1 Orange (Amway Arena Parking Lot), or for an additional $15 East Lot (this surface parking lot located next to the Carr Centre is currently filled to capacity)

• Recognition on lobby display posted at all Broadway Series performances

• A portion of your membership is tax deductible

Patron donations benefit FTA's "Discover Broadway" programs, which include:

• Discover Broadway at Barnes and Noble- where students and the public can interact with cast members of the touring productions in Q & A sessions.

• Discover Broadway for Students - where students have the opportunity to work with the stars of the touring production to learn acting, dance or voice in 'master class" settings.

• Discover Broadway for Technical Students - where educators earn re-certification credits by attending instruction seminars and performance workshops and developing lesson plans for their students.

• Discover Broadway for Technical Arts Students - where students in stagecraft and stage management observe load-in, or shadow stage managers or crew during a performance, to see "how it is done" on a professional level.

• Student Group Discounts - FTA works with the touring productions to secure "deep discounts" for student group tickets to select performances. Also, season ticket holders may donate their tickets for a performance they are unable to attend a production. These tickets are distributed to charitable organizations or students in need.

Where do I go to get general information, such as, directions to the theatre, box office hours, and other services offered by the Broadway Across America - Orlando?

Please visit the home page for links to all your questions. If you still can't find the information you are looking for please feel contact us at 800.448.6322 or submit your question through email.

How can I find out if other events are taking place at the Amway Center during a Broadway performance to avoid parking problems?

Often times parking inside the Orlando Venues can be a challenge when there are conflicting events such as a Magic game at the Amway Center taking place at the same time as a Broadway show. Please call the Orlando Venues at 407.849.2000 for event and shuttle service information.

How do I purchase parking?

Parking for the season may be purchased by calling the Season Ticket Holder hotline at 1-800-448-6322.

At what age can my children attend shows?

There is no age limit, but every person must have a ticket. We consider most of our shows are to be for mature audiences and leave it up to the parent to decide if a show is appropriate for their children. Please call Broadway cross America - Orlando at 800.448.6322 for show descriptions.

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